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by Joseph Jude

Top Ten Articles Read In February

Feb 27th 2014

Striking a balance

Feb 24th 2014

People Aren't Potatoes

Feb 22nd 2014

How I Use Twitter As A Learning Tool

Feb 14th 2014

Why It Hurts To Be An Indian?

Feb 6th 2014

Best Of Jan Reads

Jan 31st 2014

When To Listen To Your Critics?

Jan 27th 2014

Do Credentials Matter?

Jan 18th 2014

Who Wins - Jack or The Hammer Man?

Jan 14th 2014

Why 2013 Is The Best Year For Me?

Jan 1st 2014

What I Have Been Reading

Dec 31st 2013

If Church Can Reinvent Itself, Why Can't Companies?

Dec 25th 2013

Ignorant Of Many Things

Dec 16th 2013

Books Read In 2013

Dec 8th 2013

Buy Your Favorite Books At Flipkart eBook Sale

Dec 6th 2013

Startups And Security

Nov 2nd 2013

Are You Learning A New Domain? Visit Its Zoo

Oct 28th 2013

What I Learnt Building For AppStore

Oct 12th 2013

What an Indie Developer Expects From Apple

Jun 25th 2013

Focus On What Matters Or Sleep Alone

May 22nd 2013

Thank You

May 3rd 2013

Whatever Happened To New Year Resolutions

Mar 31st 2013

Challenges In 'Consume' Phase Of Learning

Feb 23rd 2013

Learning Phases And Its Support Systems

Jan 12th 2013

Get Over Your Fears, For They Are Just Imaginary

Jan 3rd 2013

An Award To End The Year

Dec 13th 2012

What Ails India?

Dec 8th 2012

No, I'm Developing A Product

Nov 3rd 2012

Productivity Hacks That Work

Oct 24th 2012

Why I Support Koodankulam Protesters?

Oct 17th 2012

Joining Elite Clubs

Oct 10th 2012

NEFT/RTGS as a payment option for governmental transactions

Sep 21st 2012

What Is A Tool?

Apr 8th 2012

This ≠ That

Mar 30th 2012

We Need A Better Google Plus

Mar 18th 2012

How Your Attitude Impacts Your Career Growth?

Feb 18th 2012

Notes from 'Steve Jobs'

Feb 15th 2012

Creativity - Alchemy or Science?

Feb 14th 2012

Common Traps In Getting Meaningful Feedback

Feb 13th 2012

How The Damn Google Spoiled My Career

Feb 11th 2012

How To Get The Feedback That You Deserve

Feb 10th 2012

Customer Service Is Sales

Feb 1st 2012

Can Companies Learn From Religions?

Jan 29th 2012

Documenting Your Decisions

Jan 28th 2012

Will A SOPA Like Protest Succeed In India?

Jan 26th 2012

Is SOPA Only About Movie Industry?

Jan 23rd 2012

Serving The Nation With A Delight

Jan 22nd 2012

We Don't Need More; We Need Better

Jan 14th 2012

Looking Back At 2011 With Pride And Satisfaction

Dec 29th 2011

Beware of Cloning Best Practices

Nov 15th 2011

38 Lessons

May 15th 2011

Don't Make All Mistakes; Learn From Other's

Apr 14th 2011

Don't Torture Context To Fit Your Solution

Apr 6th 2011

Whats Wrong With Our Educational System?

Apr 4th 2011

Is Problem Solving an Art or Science?

Mar 24th 2011

Build An Ecosystem For Learning

Mar 17th 2011

What Is Your Ideal Job?

Mar 10th 2011

Seven Insights From Two Months of Blogging

Mar 4th 2011

Talk Their Language

Feb 28th 2011

Don't Replace Backbone With A Wishbone

Feb 25th 2011

Rich Repository of Business Cases

Feb 19th 2011

Is Problem Solving Tying Us To The Past?

Feb 14th 2011

A Dedicated Blog On Problem Solving

Feb 11th 2011

SODAS - A Simple Problem Solving Methodology

Feb 7th 2011

Don't Polarize

Feb 4th 2011

Aim For Success

Jan 31st 2011

How Ideologies Impact Problem Solving?

Jan 27th 2011

Don't Fail to Ask 'What is The Problem?'

Jan 23rd 2011

Book Summary : The McKinsey Way

Jan 20th 2011

Don't Frown Upon Problems

Jan 16th 2011

Ten Commandments of a Problem Solver

Jan 9th 2011

It's Not A Blog, It's A Book

Jan 3rd 2011

Work Less and Do More - Interview with Stever Robbins

Sep 28th 2010

Seven Business Trends to Watch in India

Sep 8th 2010

Book Review - Fail Safe Investing

Aug 29th 2010

Should Books Be Backed By Scientific Research?

Aug 25th 2010

Book Review - Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen

Aug 22nd 2010

Are You Unlearning?

Aug 18th 2010

Book Review - Making India Work

Aug 15th 2010

Starting a Startup is Like an Itch - Says Vivek, Co-Founder of InterviewStreet

Aug 10th 2010

Lessons In Consulting

Aug 10th 2010

Quotable quotes from 'A Game Plan For Life' by John Wooden

Aug 6th 2010

Book Review – A Game Plan For Life by John Wooden

Aug 4th 2010

5 Steps To Achieve Your Goal – Lessons From Failures

Aug 2nd 2010

Technology is Powerful; But Its Not The Panacea - Says Ranjan Varma, a Personal Financial Expert

Jul 30th 2010

Good Morning. How Much Did We Make While Sleeping?

Jul 28th 2010

What We Need Is Integrated Thinking. Not Polarized Perspectives

Jul 20th 2010

Guys Who Co-created Online Music Speak

Jul 15th 2010

How To Be Effective As A New Manager?

Jul 14th 2010

How to Ask For Help and Get It? Five Insights To Help You

Jul 13th 2010

Thank God For Internet

Jul 10th 2010

Smart People Ask For Help. Do You Ask For Help?

Jul 7th 2010

Planning To Implement CRM? Read This e-Book First

Jul 6th 2010

Will Social Media Knock Out Newspapers?

Jul 4th 2010

3 Core Requirements For A Happy-path Project Life Cycle

Jul 3rd 2010

Should You Run That Extra Mile to Make a Sale?

Jun 30th 2010

How To Be A Champion And Remain One?

Jun 30th 2010

Four Lessons I Learnt While Working For A Cardiac Surgeon?

Jun 24th 2010